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Friday, October 9, 2009

Charlie Daniels' Complete Studio 330 Sessions Set In One Video

Charlie Daniels is a legend, so when he sits down to do an intimate set like CMT.com's Studio 330 Sessions, you know it's gonna be good. And, Charlie didn't disappoint. He played two of my all-time favorite Charlie Daniels' songs (Long Haired Country Boy and The Devil Went Down To Georgia) as well as a couple more of his greatest hits. I think you'll enjoy this!

Set List:
Long Haired Country Boy - MP3
The South's Gonna Do It Again - MP3
The Devil Went Down To Georgia - MP3
The Legend Of Wooley Swamp - MP3

P.S. Aaron Tippin fan? Don't miss his complete set tomorrow...

Charlie Daniels, Studio 330 Sessions | Live Performances & Interviews

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