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Monday, October 5, 2009

Tracy Byrd's Acoustic Version of Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo

Back on this day in 2002, Tracy Byrd's Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo became his second number one hit on the Billboard Hot Country charts. Tracy's first number one single was 1993's Holdin' Heaven. Tracy's been absent from the charts lately, but he's still playing live shows. In fact, if you'd like to catch Tracy in concert, he and his good buddy Tracy Lawrence are headlining the Beaumont Boys Bash on October 23-25, 2009. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the Children's Miracle Network, the Boy Scouts, the Garth House, Girls' Haven, the Hughen Center, and the Humane Society. For more information about the event, go to BeaumontBoys.com. Enjoy!

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