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Friday, November 13, 2009

Taylor Swift Videos From The 2009 CMA Awards - Live Performances & Acceptance Speeches

This year's CMA Awards will forever be remembered as the "Taylor Swift" CMA Awards. She took home all four awards she was nominated for including the biggest of them all, Entertainer of the Year.

There's been a ton of chatter online about whether or not Taylor deserved to win all the awards. Today, I'm not going to get into that. Let's just take a look at her highlights from the show and appreciate the monumental achievements she accomplished at this show. Love her, hate her or loathe her, she's a new type of country music superstar. She started with self-promotion on Myspace, and she's arguably the most popular country music artist in the world right now.

She may not be the best country music singer of all-time, but she's an excellent entertainer and promoter, a very good writer, and a good musician and singer. That's the difference between Taylor and a lot of other artists right now. She has the total package working for her, and I don't see the Big Red Machine stopping any time soon.

Taylor performing Forever And Always

Taylor Performing Fifteen

Taylor Winning Female Vocalist of the Year:

Taylor Winning Album of the Year:

Taylor Winning Entertainer of the Year:

Taylor's Official Music Video for Love Story (Music Video of the Year):

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