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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Terri Clark Performing If You Want Fire (Live Acoustic Performance)

If You Want Fire is Terri Clark's second top ten hit in a row on the Canadian Country charts. Gypsy Boots was the first one. Both songs are from her latest album The Long Way Home, which Reba tweeted about a couple of days ago: @Reba - Sure is some great music out right now. Just listened to Terri Clark's new CD. It's GREAT!!!!!!!!

I have to concur with Reba, The Long Way Home is great, and I wish more radio stations here in the States would play it. If you like this song, email/call your local radio station and request it. Terri deserves it. She's worked hard, and I'd like to see her songs back on top here in America. Enjoy!

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