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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Song Showcase – Williams Riley’s Sexy Sounds of “Country Livin’ via CountryMusicTattleTale.com

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I thought I’d had my fill of “I’m so country” songs, but then I heard Williams Riley “Country Livin’” and dang if it didn’t change my mind! The twangy opening electric guitar riffs and fiddle immediately catch your ear ,and I dare you to not tap your cowboy boots (walking shoes, sensible heels, etc.) while listening to this ode to country girls, country life and, well, pretty much everything country, particularly a good ol’ roll in the hay!

Horses, barns, trucks, tractors — you name a country cliche, it’s in this song. But so is the line “It ain’t the grits, it ain’t the gravy; It’s that slow Southern drawl calling you baby.” Hick, sure, but smooth, fun and darn sexy.

To be honest, the whole song is, well, kind of dirty. I think. What do you read into these lyrics:

It ain’t the boots, it ain’t the hat
That’s makes a real cowboy all that.
An “8 Second Ride” ain’t the way I rodeo — Giddy-up!
It ain’t the ribs or Mama’s chicken
It’s another recipe that keeps it finger-lickin’

Fun, sexy, danceable — I love this song. Give it a listen! http://www.williamsriley.com

Vicky Dobbin is a country music lover in Falls Church, VA. Read her country music blog at www.lovemycountrymusic.com and follow her at http://twitter.com/vdobbin.

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