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Thursday, December 31, 2009

On This Day In 2002, Big Kenny Was In Major Debt And Down to His Last Dollar

I don't know Big Kenny personally (except virtually through Twitter), but I've gotta think that December 31st is always a very emotional day for him. On this day back in 2002, Kenny was in debt over $140,000 and he proceeded to lose most of his last $200 playing blackjack in a casino. He gave the dealer a $20 tip and left with one dollar in his pocket. Obviously, Big Kenny managed to not only turn his life around, but he's managed to entertain and more importantly, inspire countless fans around the world. That experience of leaving the casino with only one dollar inspired him to write Tim McGraw's future number one hit Last Dollar (Fly Away). Said Kenny about that night, "That night as I looked down at the sole breaking off of my shoe it hit me like a ton of bricks, but with that realization came the freedom of knowing that I also had nothing to lose."

Here's Big Kenny back in Vegas at the Hard Rock singing Last Dollar (Fly Away). Enjoy, be careful tonight and happy New Year everyone!

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