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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It Happened Today In Country Music - Both Trisha Yearwood & LeAnn Rimes Receive Grammy Nominations For Same Song

Jan 6, 1998 - Trisha Yearwood and LeAnn Rimes are each nominated for the Grammy for best country vocal performance by a female for their versions of "How Do I Live." It's the first time in Grammy history that two renditions of the same song competed against each other (see both videos below)

Jan 6, 2000 - Tracy and Becca Lawrence are married in the Cayman Islands. Tracy and Michelle Byrd serve as witnesses

Jan 6, 2005 - Annoyed by travel delays, Joe Nichols drinks more than a fifth of vodka and downs a number of pills in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, becoming angry and incoherent. Nichols remembers little of the incident, though his manager convinces him to begin therapy

Jan 6, 2009 - Emblem Music Group releases Gloriana's debut single, "Wild At Heart"

Source: RolandNote.com - The Ultimate Country Music Database!

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1 comment:

Thea said...

I sometimes think that singers up for the vocal award ought to have to do the same song -- level the playing field. And I think the charts should be something like Reverb Nation does where each artist gets an equity score that determines their slot on the charts. How else can an unknown, but talented songwriter like Lynn Ellen Wolf blast past a veteran like LeAnn Rimes on the global country chart? It's all about the active influence an artist has. These awards ought to be more fair. Like that.

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