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Monday, January 4, 2010

Jaron And The Long Road To Love - Pray For You Music Video

I don't know much about Jaron and the Long Road to Love, but I do know one thing. Even though this song is more pop than country, I love it. It turned into the direct opposite of what I thought it was at the beginning. See what you think. I know I felt this way about a few people in my past, what about you?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This video by Jaron and The Long Road to Love called "Pray for You" is where country music needs to be going! People think if you dont wear straight jeans and have a yosemite sam southern drawl when you sing you ain't country.

I'll tell you what ain't country, singing about horses and trucks and jail time when the closest you came to a horse was at the zoo, closest you came to a truck was in the parking lot and the closest you came to jail was urinating in public. This song tells it like it is, not like we want it to be. It takes heartache and rather than talking about rivers of rye, it says simply, "you suck, i feel stupid for having loved you," and it gets over it. The way he closes the door on her is awesome. I wish we could find more country that had good lyrics, good musicians and less worry about if you are doing a good job of posing as "true country".

I spent all 43 years living in the South and there are plenty of cliches about us, it is nice to have some honest ones that show we ain't all a bunch reds and some of us are witty and talented. More like this and less like the tween blonde pop or the cmt cracker barrel ad of the week. It saddens me, but cmt is nothing more than mtv south of the mason-dixon line.

I hope all yall get a chance to see this guy sing and I hope more newcomers like this take over for the 80s and 90s pop country that is now wearing a sundress and playing 3 chords.

Finally someone has the stones to tell it like is again. My pops would be proud of a song like this.

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