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Friday, January 8, 2010

Keith Urban's People's Choice 'Free' Speech Has Music Row All Shook Up

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Keith Urban won Best Male Artist at the People’s Choice Awards. An extremely gracious Keith, took to the mic to thank his fans, his family, and the fans. After all, The People’s Choice Awards are fan voted. However, he also gave the a.o.k. to illegally obtain the music, as long as you enjoy it and listen to it. For Keith, it’s all about the music…Getting people to like what they hear enough to come out and see him perform. Cuz without the audience, ‘it’s just a 2 hour soundcheck.’

However, even if his passe attitude about the financial aspect of the music made fans cheer; many on Music Row are jeering. GASP! Um…it appears that even if Keith and Nicole aren’t hurting for moola, what about the team of other folks who work hard for their money putting pen to paper or mixing the tunes…

MusicRow.com has a very interesting letter and commentary up that shows just how upset some are over the flip statement. Cliff Doyle writes,

However, I wonder what his label, Capitol Records Nashville, has to say about his statement? And what about his co-writers and other songwriters on Music Row whose talents he depends on to continue with his hugely successful career? Can they afford to work for free?

I think Keith Urban should rethink his position and apologize for his statements – or start giving away tickets to his shows.

Hmmm…it’s true. It’s refreshing for someone to acknowledge the love of the music…to get away from the money making aspect and go back to making music for the joy of it. But joy very rarely puts food on the table and sends our kids to college.

One of my favorite comments on the entire situation came from Kristy Jackson.

I’m sure Keith was just caught up in the moment however as a songwriter whose income comes from royalties, I don’t appreciate his comment. He might as well have given the audience my address so they could come steal one of my chairs. Dang, there goes my Keith Urban cut. In the meantime, I’m going to go download a turkey from Harris Teeter.

I do think Keith meant…if you buy a cd and wanna burn your friend a copy to turn ‘em on to the music…Do it! Share the love! Convert a buddy and help em become a Keith Urban fan. However, many aren’t taking it so lightly. What do you think??? Do you think Keith meant to tell everyone to start downloading music for free and not spend another dime? Or do you think he simply said a flip comment in a moment of joy??? We wanna know.

You can read all of the comments and the entire letter on MusicRow.com

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