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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Enter To Win Our Valentine's Day Contest Giveaway - Win a Reba DVD AND An Autographed Reba CD

Earlier today, I was thinking of a new contest for this week, and I received numerous messages today asking if I had any more autographed Reba McEntire CD's. So, with that in mind, and due to the persistence of all of Reba's fans on Twitter, here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to need a little help from all the Reba fans out there, but I'm sure you can do this in no time. At this moment, we have 1,535 followers on Twitter and 188 Fans on our Facebook Fan Page. As soon as we hit either 1,635 followers on Twitter and/or 300 Fans on Facebook, we'll pick a winner. All you have to do to win is follow us on Twitter and/or Fan us on Facebook. What do you win?

An autographed Reba McEntire Keep On Loving You CD AND Reba McEntire's Video Gold I DVD (not autographed)!

Reba's Video Gold I features the following music videos:

1. Whoever's In New England
2. The Last One To Know
3. Sunday Kind Of Love
4. Cathy's Clown
5. Rumor Has It
6. Fancy
7. Is There Life Out There
8. Does He Love You
9. Why Haven't I Heard From You
10. And Still
11. Starting Over Again
12. What If?
13. If You See Him / If You See Her
14. What Do You Say
15. I'll Be
16. Sweet Music Man
17. He Gets That From Me
18. You're Gonna Be

For more details about the DVD, go to this page on Amazon.com.

So, good luck and start spreading the word. The sooner we reach either of the two goals above, the sooner we'll pick the winner. Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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