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Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Music - Sarah Darling - Whenever It Rains - Official Music Video

I enjoy featuring new artists on the site. I wasn't very familiar with Sarah Darling until seeing this video this morning. I'm going to let CMT's biography on Sarah tell you more about her. As you'll read below, you might recognize her face from either Kellie Pickler's Red High Heels video or Big and Rich's Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) video:

From CMT.com:

Sarah Darling was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and raised in a small Iowa town as an only child. Her earliest exposure to country music came on Sunday mornings when her grandfather would listen to the radio while driving her to church. She grew up writing poetry and eventually gravitated toward writing songs. 
On her 14th birthday, she received a small sound system and began singing locally at weddings, birthdays, talent shows, pageants and the Iowa State Fair. In 2002, a year after graduating from high school, Darling saved $5,000 and packed up everything she owned in a horse trailer to head to Nashville to pursue her music career. In 2003, she auditioned for The Entertainer, an E! Entertainment Television reality series hosted by Wayne Newton. After spending eight weeks living at the Las Vegas Hilton while competing for a performing contract, she finished in the Top 3. Newton took her aside one day to say she was his favorite singer on the show -- but added that she didn't belong in Las Vegas. He suggested returning to Nashville to concentrate on country music. She spent the next three years writing songs and performing in local clubs. 
While supporting herself with a job as a waitress, Darling also found work as a model and appeared in several music videos, including Kellie Pickler's "Red High Heels," Joe Nichols' "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" and Big & Rich's "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)." After hearing her original song, "Stop the Bleeding," on her MySpace page, producer and session keyboardist Jimmy Nichols signed her as the first artist on his label, Black River Records.

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john said...

Sarah deserves all the attention we can shine on her! Thanks so much for highlighting such a talented and beautiful artist that is flying under the radar of the rest of the pack.

Her entire release is rock-solid.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Not only is this young lady beautiful but her voice is so smooth and natural. She is a breath of fresh air. This si what country radio should be playing not that teenie-bop taylor swift shit.
Thank you Sarah Darling for such great music.

Lindsey said...

I also saw this video on CMT Pure and was really intrigued by it. She's got a great voice and a beautiful look. The song is cool- really catchy and strong. Thanks for posting!

Payne said...

Great video. Sarah Rocks!!!!!

Payne said...

Wow. This is a great video. Sarah looks incredible.

bountygirl68 said...

I've been a fan since she first came out with her first song, Jack Of Hearts, but this one is my favorite! Way to go, Sarah!!!

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