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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

John Mellencamp - My Sweet Love - Alternative Country Hit

John Mellencamp's latest album is called Life, Death, Love and Freedom. It was produced by T. Bone Burnett, and it has a country rock feel to it. This video for the first single from the album called My Sweet Love is already receiving moderate rotation on CMT. Enjoy!

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sugarmarie1980 said...

I would love to see it on CMT a lot more,that's for sure! It seems like John loves Karen Fairchild singing vocals with him...she sang on four of the songs on LDLF.

Thanks for posting the video. John deserves more credit than he gets.

sugarmarie1980 said...

CMT should be playing this more but good to know it's in moderate rotation. Karen Fairchild is in the video and sings vocals on the song. Thanks for posting!

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