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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Danny Gokey - Live Acoustic Performance Of My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me

2009 American Idol alum Danny Gokey has been traveling around the country on a radio tour performing acoustic sets of songs from his upcoming album. The first single from his upcoming album is called My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me. Here's Danny performing the song live at WTQR Radio In Greensboro, NC. So, what do you think? Do you think he has a career in country music?

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lynn said...

Danny Gokey really has a great voice, and for me a very honest way of singing from his heart with the right songs. He is a new artist and as such, I think he needs some space to grow and develop for this first album. He seems to be working hard and learning quickly, judging by these radio tour clips.
Hope to have a chance to see him performing his country songs live in person before long. But based on just watching the videos and hearing the two recorded tracks which have come out, I'm increasingly convinced this is going to be a high-quality album with a lot of appeal.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Danny Gokey has a career in Country music, or any other kind he chooses to sing. His vocal abilities are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Yes - Danny will have a great career in country music. He has a great voice. He picks songs that mean something to him and he sings with heart. Can't wait for his album to come out. I love his new single My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.

Randy said...

Nice song! Simple, but sweet.
Good song to head into the New Year with.
This guy has an interesting voice; quite different from most I've heard out there. Interested in hearing more of what he brings.

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