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Sunday, December 13, 2009

It May Be Taylor Swift's Birthday, But Let's Not Forget Randy Owen's Birthday Is Today As Well

While Taylor is unquestionably the most popular country/pop artist in the world right now, and deserves everything's she's gotten this year, let's not forget that today is also the birthday of the lead singer of the undisputed kings of country music, Alabama. Randy Owen was born on this day back in 1949 in Fort Payne, Alabama.

I'll tell you a funny story about Alabama. When I was ten years old back in 1980, I checked the mail one day, and one of the things in there was a cassette promotion for five cassettes for a penny. Most of you are probably too young to remember these types of mail offers, but they used to flood mailboxes all the time. I secretly took the offer and filled it out and taped a penny to the form and mailed it back. The #1 cassette I wanted was Alabama's My Home's In Alabama. When the cassette's came in the mail, my mother was furious that (1) I had ordered them without her knowing, and (2) they had actually accepted an order from me, a ten-year old kid. I remember her calling them and blasting them for accepting the order.

The funny thing about this story is I loved Alabama because they were my mom's favorite band, and she had been wanting the tape. After she berated me for doing it, I gave her the tape, and she almost cried because she realized I had gotten it primarily for her. I've been a huge Alabama fan ever since. In honor of Randy's birthday, here's the song that caused me to want to get the tape. It's Alabama's My Home's In Alabama, which for those of you who follow this blog know is where I was born. Enjoy and happy birthday Randy!

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