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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Newcomer Matt Kennon's The Call - Official Music Video

Are you familiar with Matt Kennon? If not, let me introduce you to his debut single The Call. It's one of those songs that'll tug at the heart of a lot of country music fans. I think you'll like it. More than the song, Matt's story is pretty unique. In fact, if not for a little luck, Matt wouldn't be here at all. Here's the story from BamaJamRecords.com:

Were it not for a dose of extraordinary luck, Matt would not even be in this world. His mother, a poor woman who barely could support one young son, had made the painful decision to abort him. She arrived at her doctor's office two weeks too late to have the abortion performed, and was told she had no choice but to carry the baby full term. The same doctor had another patient, a mother of four who had tragically lost three of her children in a house fire. Unable to have more children, she and her husband had despaired of ever having another baby. The doctor arranged a private adoption between Matt's biological mother and the young couple, and Matt came into this world with the full benefit of a loving family in a beautiful suburb of Atlanta.

If you'd like to read even more about Matt, visit this page on BamaJamRecords.com. Now that you know how Matt came into this world, enjoy his debut single The Call.

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