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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Determined Jake Owen Fan Chronicles Her "Shhh ... It Happens" Day on YouTube

Country music lover Kelly Jean was determined to see Jake Owen last weekend and didn't let a broken-down car, faulty GPS, bad directions or a scary neighborhood keep her from her man.

She scored front row seats for the Sugarland/Jake Owen concert and had been looking forward to the show for months. So when her day started to go very, very wrong, she kept her sense of humor and refused to give up. Not only did she get to the concert, she also got a little extra love from country hottie Jake.

Kelly chronicled her journey from Long Island to Camden, New Jersey -- a trip that should have taken two hours but ended up taking 11! -- in a very funny video on YouTube.

Vicky Dobbin is senior music reviewer for Today’s Best Country Music Videos. Follow her at http://Twitter.com/LMyCountryMusic and read her country music blog at www.LoveMyCountryMusic.com.

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1 comment:

Kelly Jean said...

This is hilarious, especially since I am Kelly Jean hahaha!!! Thanks for featuring me :)

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