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Monday, October 26, 2009

Bucky Covington's New Video For Gotta Be Somebody

Gotta Be Somebody is Bucky's second single from his latest album, I'm Alright. It's a Nickelback cover song, and it's a good one. I hope this one makes it back into the top 15 for Bucky. His first three singles all made it into the top 15 (A Different World #6, It's Good To Be Us #11 and I'll Walk #10), but his last single I Want My Life Back only peaked at #32. I think this one will definitely do better. Enjoy!

P.S. If you'd like to compare Bucky's version to Nickelback's, you can watch their version at TodaysRockVideos.com.

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Anonymous said...

Love Bucky's new single and video of "Gotta Be Somebody". I agree with you, I really like this and hope it hits top 10 like his first 3 singles. Thanks for posting. I have missed him on video. Barbara

J. P. said...

Thanks for the comment Barbara. I think it's definitely got a shot at top ten. It's a good one.

Thanks for visiting!

SmalltownThumbelina said...

This is a fantastic cover of Nickelback. My mother and I are huge fans of Nickelback and she was flipping through the channels one day and saw him singing this song.thank you sooo much for posting.

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