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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bret Michaels' New Country Single - Nothing To Lose

For those of you like me who grew up listening to 80's rock hair bands, it's hard to listen/watch Bret Michaels without thinking of big hair and cheesy, yet catchy, hair band tunes. However, over the last decade, Bret has branched out as a solo artist and recorded a couple of country songs. Back in 2004, his duet with Jessica Andrews called All I Ever Needed actually made it to #45 on the Billboard Hot Country charts. He's got a new solo album coming out soon, and the first single released from the album is called Nothing To Lose, and it's being marketed as a country rock single. See what you think. This is the solo version. He's also recorded a duet version with Miley Cyrus. Enjoy!

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